Cultural Awareness Training & Cultural Tours

Metro can provide Cultural awareness and experiences as required.

Metro can provide Cultural Awareness Training & On-Site Induction

Please contact Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council for any queries or to make a booking for Cultural Awareness Training & Cultural Tours

Aboriginal Site Tours

Aboriginal sites in the Sydney metropolitan area are often not well known, even to locals. Sydney and the surrounding areas are abundant in Aboriginal rock art and relics, and our area is home to one of the world’s largest and oldest art galleries. By showcasing some of the Aboriginal sites Metro will help educate people about the importance of the ongoing protection of our culture.
Metro has access to and the cultural knowledge of some of Sydney’s most unique Aboriginal sites. We’re able to offer visitors and locals a rare opportunity to visit these places and learn about the Aboriginal history of the area. You don’t need to travel to the outback to experience Aboriginal culture when it is right at your back door

Many of the sites are located in National Parks and on Metro lands. Guided tours for school groups, locals, overseas visitors, and other interested parties can be organized to meet your specific needs. Contact Metro LALC to organise a guided tour.