Land Claims

Under the New South Wales Land Rights Act the main function of local land councils is to make claims to Crown lands and to acquire and manage land on behalf of its members.

Metro’s Land Rights Unit researches and makes claims on vacant crown land within Metro’s boundaries of the greater Sydney metropolitan area. This work has enabled Metro to become the largest single landholder in a number of Sydney local government areas.

Land, alongside culture and heritage, is Metro’s greatest asset. For this reason Metro is continuing its land claims process to ensure its asset base continues to grow for the benefit of its members. Metro is fortunate to have the resources to employ a highly skilled and experienced Land Rights Officer who dedicates the majority of his time to ensuring Metro regularly make claims on vacant crown lands.

Metro’s Land Rights Unit also follows up outstanding land claims. In NSW the land claims process can be long. The wait for determinations on outstanding land claims can sometimes take up to 12 years or more. The Land Rights Unit also provides strategic advice and guidance to Metro on the Land Rights Act 1983 and its amendments.

Mapping and creating detailed databases of our lands allows Metro to utilise its land base efficiently and effectively. Our goal is to become self-sufficient through creating economic opportunities from our land to ensure our assets are protected for future generations of Metro members.

Our main purpose will continue to be claiming land because it is the land that gives us cultural and economic wealth, with a focus on cultural survival and far reaching generational benefits for Metro members.